"Surreal medieval battle experience thru cards. Easy to learn, easy to execute but this deck-building game sure hit a
spot by incorporating defense and attack medieval way of warfare with a solid game mechanism".
PlaytestbyMalone / Malone.


Welcome to the medieval era! Clash of Armies: Medieval is a Combative head to head deck builder where you have to build your own deck to beat your opponent. Both attack and defense have to be considered during gameplay in this fast-paced game soon to be release on kickstarter.

10 Diferent type of cards

There are 10 different types of cards in the game: Monarchs, fortifications, resources, special units, soldiers and so one. Each with some unique features and different mechanics. The combinations of those is what will make the difference.  Over 108 Cards on the Main deck.

"Clash of Armies is multi deck building game. It's both easy to lean and quick to play. But also has a lot variability in playing style".

6 Different Factions

The basic deck comes with 6 Factions, but only 3 are use on each gameplay. Al the factions have the same structure: A Monarch, At least 1 hero and at least 1 type of faction units. All  factions has the same amount of cards (6) and all of them are asymetric. How you combine them is the secret of the succes of your deck.

"Fans of deckbuilders will find enough familiar that they'll feel right at home, but enough new that they'll find themselves thinking in new ways to respond to the game's unique mechanics. Definitely worth a look for those that love combative deck builders".
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"Clash of Armies is a really sharp deck building game coming to Kickstarter very soon from Poncho Games. If you like fast deckbuilder, this is well worth demoing!"