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Complete medieval setting

Castles, Heroes, Soldiers, Kings, Queens, Siege Weapons, all present in this game to give the player a unique medieval experience. The player will feel immersed in the theme, where they will have to consider the acquisition of each of the cards, keeping in mind both defense and attack.

Infinity of Combinations

More than 11 different types of cards provide a complete medieval theme where Fortifications, units, large weapons and people are represented in the game. The number of combinations between the types of cards is a lot, which makes the game have a great replayability.

Want to try out the game? It's Free!

Print & Play

The game comes with a 100% playable 70 cards set.  It’s formatted ready to print in a A4 page.

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You can access to the manual of the game. Currently the manual is on development, so be sure to check it out once in a while for an updated edition of the rulebook.

Try out the game online

The game is available on the 2 main BG’s Platforms that are around. We keep the editions updated. 

Tabletop Simulator

Prepare yourselft to enjoy the most complete edition of the game in the best platform available to play cards game. Some of the extension of the game may be uploaded also. It's requires the tabletop simulator software.


Tabletopia is a tool to play board games Online with the Web browser (Explorer, Chrome, Firefox). This edition is free and does not require the installation of anything to enjoy it.


The basic Deck has 108 Cards. However, the mechanics of the game allow you to expand the deck to hundreds of more cards, adding new mechanics or simply expanding while maintaining the same mechanics.

Innovative mechanics

Looking for permanent innovation within the field of Deckbuilding, is that each new development we carry out on the game, has the premise of changing the game mechanics in some way


It is from this premise that the first expansions were born, which are currently being developed.


Can the game be used without them? Of course! Can they be combined? The player can play with one or all extensions. The variations of the gameplay with each one make each game unique.

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