CoA is a fast deckbuilder where two players face off trying to win. Both players start with practically the same cards and must use all their cunning to buy the best cards from the market to achieve victory. During his turn, the player must perform a series of actions that can either attack the opponent or prepare the defences to avoid being attacked on the other player’s turn.

The entire medieval era represented in this game

Castles, Heroes, monarchs, siege weapons, special units, and resources are all represented in this fantastic deck builder. You must prove to be a better strategist than your opponent in very few hands. With traditional mechanics added to some innovative defence systems,


Clash of Armies is a modern Deckbuilder. Deck builders are a game where the mechanics allow you to quickly learn how to play, although it requires experience to master it. In this Deckbuilder, both players have the same cards available in a central market, and both players start with a small deck of just 10 cards, primarily resources to try to attack the opponent in their hand and buy better cards.


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A great variety of cards provided endless replayability

The game has a very wide variety of different types of cards for different types of players. The combination of the cards is what will allow you to perform epic attacks in order to overcome the opponent’s defenses. Each game is unique.

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